Honolulu's Favorite Plant Sale!

UPDATE APRIL 24, 2020 Hi all! Another covidupdate! We double-checked to make sure and AS OF NOW the school will not be available until July so we won’t be having our May and June show. Bummer. Below is a list of our member nurseries that are still open for you! They responded to an email I sent out to see who is still open:

*4/25 update from Scot:

Plant Hawaii is open M-F 8-3. Trendy House Plants, Tropicals, and Orchids. Safety First: Open-air retail showroom, ‘no-touch’ payment transactions.
Mahalo Scot Plant Hawaii 808-384-2065 (txt or call –  Hawaiian Standard Time)

From Alvin at Waihale Products: Still open!

From Ken at Hawai`i Pacific Orchids: Closed!

From Jun & Brian at Happy Koi Nursery: Very open! Check your local Lowe’s Nursery we’ve started selling our popular indoor gardens there!

Jill at Hibiscus Lady still has plants but isn’t entertaining visitors at this time.

Glenn at Charles Nii Nursery is still open!

The other nurseries are no doubt still busy because they haven’t responded yet but you can always call them to see what their situation is! Stay safe friends and now more than ever…. Keep Growing!

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